Tuesday, June 25, 2013

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# ini adalah draft masa 2011? 

mmm tetiba teringin---  komen tahun 2013...

(^_^) Bandung & Tioman Trip (^_^)

# ini adalah draft tahun 2012.. lolz


its been almost 3 month x tahu dah baper lama since the last update.. ^^ i've been very busy with works.. yeah.. work and work..
my last post when i was at Bandung.. also for works..    lolz..
been there about one week. meeting with handsome and cute programmers ^__^

week after came back to Malaysia,  i went to Tioman Island. actually this is a department trip "PSS Tioman Trip".   as a trip organizer i think this was a successful event.. Alhamdulillah ^^

looks like berita basi.. but for me.. this is an important post to flashback memories.

no pics.. hahaha.. lenkali update letak gambo yerrr

Feeling Annoyed

masa submit suh komen xmo komen.. pas 2 minggu pulangkan balik cakap x cukup itu ini.. memang rasa nak melempang orang haihhhhh!!!!